When to Seek Out an App Developer Before It Becomes Costly

App Development

App Developer TeamGenerally, when a person has an idea for a mobile application, their effort is ninety-nine percent focused on searching for a developer. Seeking out a competent app developer at a reasonable price is a step you will need to make; however, it is not the first step. Quickly moving from idea to development without first proving the credibility of the app and establishing a framework can become costly.  Costs can include development fees ranging anywhere from $20,000 to $500,000 (depending on what type of app you are developing), the time invested, and the added cost needed to develop additional functionality.

If you are contemplating developing an app, there are three basic questions to answer and document prior to seeking out a developer.

1. Is there a need for the app? 

In today’s environment, there are over a thousand apps on the market solving everyday frustrations and real-world problems. Based on that knowledge, is your app viable? What frustration or real-world problem will it help to solve?  Is there a similar or identical app solving the same problem? If so, how is your app distinct?  These questions will help to design, build, and develop the functionality of the app around the current need.

2. Who will purchase the app?  

With millions of people downloading apps every day, figuring out who your target users are will help determine who will potentially seek out the app. This is the main reason why already having a clear grasp of the current need will help to identify your potential customer base.

3. Have I validated my assumptions? 

The best way to determine if your app can potentially make a profit is to elicit feedback from its users. This will help figure out if there is a demand for your app, or if your app is solving the right frustration or problem. The feedback you receive will guide you to make the necessary changes to the app in both functionality and price (how much might your potential users be willing to pay for the app?).

Asking these questions will help to solidify the framework of your app.  Anytime you do research, it will require coordination between you and your potential user as well as documenting your findings. However, the benefit is an app designed to solve the problem for the potential user, and a helpful document to review with a developer. With the app framework completed, it’s time to begin your search for an app developer!

OYS_CerilaGailliardAbout the Author

Cerila Gailliard holds a Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification from the Project Management Institute and a Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems (University of Phoenix). Cerila Gailliard is the founder of Orchestrating Your Success LLC which provides Project Management services to help business achieve their business goals successfully.

A special thanks to Paul Keck for his contribution to this article.   Paul Keck is the co-founder of BOUNDLESS.  Paul has over 35 years of collective experience building software. BOUNDLESS helps startups clarify their ideas, find workable solutions, and build their apps. To learn more about their services, visit www.getboundless.com