Why Its Good To Understand The Basics of Project Management?

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  • Is your small business in the process of pivoting, reorganizing or expanding?
  • Do you find yourself engulfed and overwhelmed with large, intricate internal, and external projects? 
  • Could you use some project coordination, team organization, and project management to help you meet your goals, budgets and schedules? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this free e-book will help you! 

Written by a certified Project Management Professional(PMP), Cerila Gailliard. Cerila Gailliard, PMP, CSM is a veteran of all things project management. She has successfully managed small and large projects across various industries such as Manufacturing, Engineering, Health Care, Nonprofits and many more. In this guide, she will explain “Why It’s Good To Know the Basics of Project Management?” and how:

  • It will help you to determine how your business will execute internal and external projects
  • It will provide you with insights on how an active project moves from initiation to completion
  • And if you understand the basics of project management, it will make it easier to understand the framework of other project management processes such as Agile, Kanban or Scrum

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