What to look for in a Certified Project Manager?

certified project manager

A certified project manager offers many skills on an active project.  The main skill they bring to any project is their Leadership skills. Leadership and project management goes hand in hand.  However, Project Management leadership will always focus on the project team and its resources. A certified project manager seeks out challenges, new ideas or […]

Tips for Remote Work Project Management

Tips for Remote Work Project Management

Remote work management policies are becoming more common. The change is due to corporate policies changes, new technology, and the onset of COVID-19. The chances are high your team will continue with remote project management. There are a number of advantages and challenges for both the employees and team leaders. Here are some tips for […]

Three Communication Best Practices to Follow

Communications - Best Practices

Following communication best practices are essential to any project. Communication remains one of the top reasons for project failure.  Managers struggle to balance communication from project to project.  As a result, 57% of projects fail due to a communication breakdown, in a recent survey. The project’s needs should dictate communication demands.  Communication requires a well-thought-out […]