4 Ways To Boost Employee Morale In Times Of Uncertainty

Boost Employee Morale

The best plan for having a successful business is to have productive employees working with and for you. The best way to ensure your employees stays productive, in these uncertain times, is to boost their morale.  In project management, there is a component that allows for boosting your employee morale to build team performance. Here […]

The Best Way To Manage Risks On Your Project Plan

The Best Way To Manage Risks On Your Project Plan

The best way to manage risks, if your business is in finance, engineering, construction, transportation, non-profit, or any other industry, is to have a formal project management process in place. Project management guides the team within your organization to enable work to be completed on time. The team will organize all the details of the […]

3 Proven Ways To Keep Your Project Team Focused

33 Proven Ways to Keep Your Project Team Focused

Every business as well as their individual team are now preparing for the start of the new year, 2022. As you move into the new year, you should have already started organizing, and preparing everyone for the upcoming projects. However, before you can do this, you need to get everyone focused. It should be the […]

How Project Managers Can Lead Projects Effectively From A Distance?

How Project Managers Can Lead Their Projects From A Distance

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we lead and how the workplace looks. The remote working trend got on the fast track when closures were put into place across the country. Restrictions are beginning to ease, but ‘business as usual’ has many wondering what exactly ‘usual’ will look like. Though it has been almost two […]

Choose the Best Project Management Process by Answering 13 Questions

Choose the Best Project Management Process

Choosing the best project management process for your business can be dauting.   In this video, I will Touch on the different project management processes business are using in today’s environment, Review the 13 questions I have laid out to answer Provide you with resources Talk about next steps in making your final decision. The most […]

How To Best Understand The Project Direction

How To Best Understand The Project Direction

In this video, I am going to discuss, How best to understand the project direction?  How to determine if your project is moving in the right or wrong direction?  How to effectively communicate the status to the project team? The best way to understand how your project is doing is to adopt metrics.   Adopting metrics […]

How to Have A Positive Impact on Project Communication

How to Have A Positive Impact on Project Communication

Mastering project communication should be a manager or leader #1 priority.  A manager or leader will spend ninety (90) percent of their time communicating on a project.  To understand how critical communication is to execution, thirty-one (31) percent of failures and eighty (80) percent of rework are due to the lack of communication. How to […]

5 Ways Project Management Can Help Your Growing Business Thrive

Growing and Thriving with Project Management

Without project management, it is difficult to grow your business and hold your team together. Without it, you have no one to navigate through the ups and downs, catastrophes, and clashes of projects. Having a great project manager or leader helps keep the project delivered on time, within budget and scope. Most importantly, great project […]

3 New Year Tips for Project Management Leaders to Increase Productivity and Profits

New Year Planning Tips for Project Leaders

Project Leaders can often find it challenging to separate personal life from your job. As a Project Leader, the job usually involves continuously thinking about improving the work process or trying to find solutions for your team to improve projects. Here are some New Year planning tips for Project Leaders. Communication Should Become a Priority […]

How to Remove Barriers From Your Projects

How to Remove Barriers From Your Projects

The best way to remove barriers from your project is to first understand the most common project barriers. How to remove barriers from projects? Have both management and leadership skills Explain, Disclose, Define and Document the goals and business requirements Communication should be Consistent, have a Purpose and be Collaborative Common Project Metrics: Cost Variance […]