How Project Managers Can Lead Projects Effectively From A Distance?

How Project Managers Can Lead Their Projects From A Distance

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we lead and how the workplace looks. The remote working trend got on the fast track when closures were put into place across the country. Restrictions are beginning to ease, but ‘business as usual’ has many wondering what exactly ‘usual’ will look like. Though it has been almost two […]

In 8 Easy Steps How to Conquer Project Scope Changes

In 8 Easy Steps How to Conquer Project Scope Changes

Project scope changes are a common occurrence on small or large projects. Implementation changes can be a major disruption, if they are not properly dealt with throughout the execution.  When a manager properly manages change, it helps them keep the implementation on track and moving forward according to the schedule. 8 Easy Steps, How to […]

What to look for in a Certified Project Manager?

certified project manager

A certified project manager offers many skills on an active project.  The main skill they bring to any project is their Leadership skills. Leadership and project management goes hand in hand.  However, Project Management leadership will always focus on the project team and its resources. A certified project manager seeks out challenges, new ideas or […]