Project Scheduling

50% of projects fail due to bad estimates, scope changes and insufficient resources. There’s more aspects to scheduling than just completing a project plan.

Project time tracking is the key to a successful schedule. We can assist you with proper project time management which translates the project processes into an actionable project plan timeline.

A “To Do List” is not a Project Plan”……. Cerila Gailliard

How OYS LLC will solve YOUR problem:   

Plan the work:

  • Scope Plan—Define the goals of the project
  • Schedule Plan – Defines the time estimates 
  • Cost Plan — Defines the project budget
  • Quality Plan — Defines quality concerns
  • Risk Plan — Defines project risks 
  • Human Resource Plan – Defines resources 
  • Requirement Plan – Defines the project requirements and tasks
  • Communication Plan – Defines how communication will be structured 
  • Procurement Plan – Defines purchases such as equipment or consultants 
  • Change Management Plan – Defines how to deal with project changes
  • Documentation Plan – Defines how project documentation will be distributed to the project team

Compose the Plan:

  • Integrating all of the planning components into the final project schedule 

Work the Schedule:

  • Execute the schedule
  • Track and review project performance
  • Project Management software that may be utilized: Microsoft Project, Asana, Trello, SmartSheet or Primavera 6

“For over three years, Cerila and I worked on various projects for our major client. During that time she showed complete professionalism. She was very hands on in making sure our project ran smooth and was complete on time.  Cerila it was a pleasure to work with you. I know you will be a valuable asset to any organization that is fortunate enough to acquire your services.”

Marc Anderson
Novitex Enterprise Solutions

Are you ready to take that “To Do” list and turn it into a successful project plan?

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