Project Management

Project Management Process 

If your project is moving in the wrong direction, missing deadlines, failing to track progress or lacking effective communication at all levels, the Project Management Process provides the necessary tools and techniques to move your project towards a successful conclusion.

Orchestrating Your Success LLC (OYS LLC) assigns a certified project manager with the necessary leadership and problem solving skills. Your manager will effectively communicate with all levels of management as well as the project team. OYS LLC will build you a customized project management solution. This process is scalable and repeatable with useful tools and techniques to ensure maximum productivity. This process allows OYS LLC to meet your goals. We utilize all or some of the following processes in projects: 

  • The Project Planning Process – We build a tailored project plan to meet all agreed-upon goals and requirements.
  • Resource Management – Ensures the right resources with the right skillset are allocated to complete the project work and accomplish goals.
  • Communication System – Establish a communication plan to ensure the project team, stakeholders and sponsors are updated on the project’s progression. 
  • Change Management System – Create a system that documents, analyzes, garners approval for updates and implements any changes to the project.
  • Team Organization and Engagement – We create a collaborative environment to involve your team in planning the project, identifying resources, building the communication plan and notification system in anticipation of changes regarding their work.

“In every success story, you will find someone who has made a courageous decision.”

—Peter F. Drucker, management consultant, educator, and author

“I had the pleasure of working with Cerila for eight years. She is an organized, thoughtful, motivated, hard working Project Manager. She works well with all levels and regions in our company, drives projects to completion within budget constraints and on time. She is an excellent communicator, professionally addresses conflict head-on and always ensures the end product is met to the customer’s satisfaction.”

Frances Goldblum
First American Financial Corporation

Will you be the person who makes the courageous decision to have OYS LLC turn your project into a success story?

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