About Our Project Management Training Courses
Our project management courses are designed to help improve project outcomes as you and your staff continue to pivot, reorganize and expand your business.  Our courses will provide you and your staff the basic foundation of project management.  We answer the question, How do I effectively move my project to a successful completion from the time I start the project to the actual completion of the project and everything in between?  We also take an in-depth look into how to properly plan an internal or external project.
We always say “A To-Do List is not a Project Plan”.
So, let’s START, GROW, and ADVANCE your business to improve project outcomes! 

Course 1: Practical Project Management Steps to Actually Increase Project Success

Project Management Classes for Businesses

Description:  Project Management is a term which people use all the time in business. Project Management has become a common word to refer to when executing and managing internal and external projects. Even though the term project management is used all the time, small businesses really do not understand the concept, the approach and the process. In this class, I will explain to you and your employees, all the steps to successfully execute and manage a project. At the end of the workshop, you will be able to:


1. Name each phase and characteristics of project management
2. Identify how an active project moves through each phase
3. How you can integrate your current processes and templates into the project management process.  


Course Amount: $175.00 per/hour
Course Time: 2 Hours

Course 2: Your Roadmap to Success: The Essential Guide to Project Planning

Project Management Training ClassDescription: Project Planning is an essential component of Project Management. Project Planning is the second phase of project management. If project planning is not done properly, all of the activities you did not plan for will show up during execution, the project will head in the wrong direction and communication will come to a stand still.  As a result, the project will experience cost overruns, resource deficiencies, missing requirements, missing deadlines and increased project risks.  In this class, I will show to you and your employees:


1.  The crucial components needed to develop a successful plan
2. How you can integrate your current templates into the project management planning phase 
3. Explain why utilizing a project management software is critical to project success.


Course Amount: $175.00 per/hour
Course Time: 2 Hours  

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