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Project Management SERVICES

Project ManagementAs businesses move to the next level of growth, it is imperative that all projects have the proper structural foundation in terms of business solutions and project management to advance toward their goal.


Preparation is the key to any successful project. OYS LLC uses the established project management process to build customized project-based business solutions for its clients. This process is scalable and repeatable with useful tools and techniques to ensure maximum productivity. The process allows OYS LLC to meet its goals, as well as those of its clients.


How We Do It
  1. Implement the project management process.
  2. Compose the plan: Ask questions and make decisions to outline what the project will achieve and to build a sustainable solution.
  3. Plan the work: No goal can be reached without a well-developed, all-inclusive, viable project plan. The focus is on breaking down the project’s complexity and incorporating essential project management components, such as Scope, Time, Costs, Quality, Human Resource, Communication, Risk, Procurement, Stakeholder Engagement and Change Management to ensure project success.
  4. Work the plan: Execute the project tasks according to the established viable project plan.
  5. Check your work: Track and review project performance through project metrics to ensure alignment with the goal. Document project issues and address them in a timely manner.
  6. Complete the work: Verify that all defined tasks are completed. Perform team assessments, document lessons learned and archive all project documents.
  7. Capable leadership: Create a collaborative environment to strengthen team engagement, facilitate ideas, conduct problem resolution, promote innovation through people-to-people connections and, most importantly, lead by example.

Project Transformation SERVICES

Project Management ServicesAn in-depth introspective project review allowing OYS LLC to build and tailor a plan to meet all agreed-upon goals and requirements for underperforming and overextended projects.

If your project is moving in the wrong direction, missing deadlines or experiencing a communication breakdown, this service will provide the tools and techniques to move the project toward a successful conclusion.



How We Do It
  1. Complete a comprehensive assessment to solidify the project’s goal and requirements.
  2. Develop a customized solution. Determine the steps needed to ensure the solution aligns with the project’s goals.
  3. Establish and/or align the project according to the project management process.
  4. Implement and manage the customized solution to a successful completion.

Project Management
Education Services

Project Management Education Services

OYS LLC offers educational services in project management, time management, prioritization and accountability. It is not uncommon for managers, directors or business owners to lead multiple projects concurrently, as well as manage the day-to-day business operation. This can cause an individual to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of activities or responsibilities converging simultaneously.



How We Do It
  1. Mentoring: Individual or group sessions to support existing or upcoming projects.
  2. Training: Provide project management workshops to incorporate the project management process into the business or project.

 Administrative Management Support Services

OYS LLC provides, general contractors, administrative management support in the areas of compliance, documentation control and scheduling to assist projects with dedicated expertise on construction and transportation projects.

We leverage our project management certification and experience to help deliver the project on time, within budget and in adherence to project compliance.


How We Do It
  1. Scheduling, NACIS Code 561110, Develop the project schedule using a project management software tool, track active, pending and completed task activities and optimize project productivity as it relates to cost, resources and time.
  2. Compliance, NACIS Code 561110, Develops a customized compliance strategy to ensure all policies, procedures and work are adhered to throughout the project and operates as the single point of contact for the project team and stakeholders.
  3. Documentation, NACIS Code 561110, Ensure all project documentation is prepared, submitted and up-to-date, properly categorized and saved to a valid and active file software.

Business Certifications OYS LLC Project Management
Frances Goldblum
First American Financial Corporation
Senior Account

I had the pleasure of working with Cerila for eight years. She is an organized, thoughtful, motivated, hard working Project Manager. She works well with all levels and regions in our company, drives projects to completion within budget constraints and on time. She is an excellent communicator, professionally addresses conflict head-on and always ensures the end product is met to the customer’s satisfaction.

Marc Anderson
Novitex Enterprise Solutions
Project Lead

For over three years, Cerila and I worked on various projects for our major client. During that time she showed complete professionalism. She was very hands on in making sure our project ran smooth and was complete on time.  Cerila it was a pleasure to work with you. I know you will be a valuable asset to any organization that is fortunate enough to acquire your services.

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