3 New Year Tips for Project Management Leaders to Increase Productivity and Profits

New Year Planning Tips for Project Leaders

Project Leaders can often find it challenging to separate personal life from your job. As a Project Leader, the job usually involves continuously thinking about improving the work process or trying to find solutions for your team to improve projects. Here are some New Year planning tips for Project Leaders.

Communication Should Become a Priority

A New Year tip for a Project Leader is to listen more to the team.   Project management requires good communication among the team. As a Project Leader, make communication with your team a priority. Encourage the team to discuss any suggestions or concerns they have, and make sure they know their opinions matter.

Reduce Your Inbox Checks

A New Year tip for a Project Leader is to increase your productivity.  On average, a professional is found to spend more than 28% of their day reading and answering their emails. Checking emails too frequently will have your productivity plummeting an average of twenty minutes a day. A better choice for project management is to use a project management tool.

Think Outside the Box

A New Year tip for a Project Leader is to increase your creativity. More than 70% of employees report they do not feel valued in their workplace.  Thinking on these terms, find new ways to promote your teams’ productivity. You may want to incorporate more options for remote workers, add technology, or make work schedules more flexible.

What Does the New Year Mean for Project Management? 

As the Project Leader of your project management team, you will need plans for improving efficiency within your business. Orchestrating Your Success LLC is ready to help you set project management goals and maximize your profits and productivity. Our goal for the New Year and every year is to help your business move to the next level and ensure your projects are run efficiently and effectively.

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