Living a Richer Life Co-Host Cerila Gailliard

March 18 Show Post

The Situations and Leadership Podcast Situations and Leadership is a ten Episode Podcast Series hosted by Ervin (Earl) Cobb and Dr. Charlotte Grant-Cobb. The series was broadcasted and recorded “live” in 2021 over a five-month period. During each of the ten broadcasts, Earl and Charlotte were joined by two special Guest Co-Hosts and a “live” studio audience.

During the 45-minute broadcast, the hosts combined to create an unforgettable and insightful show while discussing a chapter of the Cobbs book, “Situations and Leadership: Short Stories and Lifelong Lessons”. In the book, you will find ten entertainingly suspenseful short stories constructed for you to enjoy and to help you walk in the shoes of each of the ten protagonists. Each story is set in a different and real-life situation.

The stories are written to uniquely unpack and reveal some invaluable lessons in situational leadership. The book is based on the Cobbs recent research which revealed that while dealing with challenging situations, one of the skills most of us commonly lack are effective leadership skills. That is, the distinctive set of skills required to orchestrate the intellectually driven process of evaluating, understanding, and properly responding to challenging situations and to effectively interact with others in organizational relationships. Listening to the “Situations and Leadership” Podcast Series will re-enforce the lessons presented in the book.

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