In 8 Easy Steps How to Conquer Project Scope Changes

In 8 Easy Steps How to Conquer Project Scope Changes

Project scope changes are a common occurrence on small or large projects. Implementation changes can be a major disruption, if they are not properly dealt with throughout the execution.  When a manager properly manages change, it helps them keep the implementation on track and moving forward according to the schedule.

8 Easy Steps, How to Conquer Project Scope Changes

  1. Acknowledge and document the change
  2. Cross reference the new change back to the original scope or requirements
  3. Determine how the change affects the project
  4. Document information and present all information back to the stakeholder and/or decision maker
  5. Seek final decision from stakeholders and/or decision maker
  6. Communicate final decision to the project team
  7. Update all project documentation
  8. Execute the project plan with changes

In Summary, managers should develop a Change Management Plan.  The eight steps which I have summarized is part of the Change Management Plan.  Develop the Change Management Plan and customized the steps according to the project needs.  Like I always say “Every project is different and every company does project management differently.” ~Cerila Gailliard

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