20 Collaboration Skills Every Marketing Manager Needs

20 Collaboration Skills Every Marketing Manager Needs

A successful marketing campaign requires different skills sets and often involve multiple roles. Copywriters, designers, PPC specialists and more. The marketing manager is responsible for pulling this team together. Hence, collaboration skills are crucial. But what collaboration skills are most important when organizing a team? We asked 20 experts for their opinion.

  1. Constructive Criticism
  2. Communication
  3. Patience and Inclusive Thinking
  4. Comradeship
  5. Leaving Ego At The Door
  6. Handling Feedback
  7. Being Straightforward
  8. Trust
  9. Curiosity
  10. Listening to Others
  11. Critical Thinking
  12. Self-Control
  13. Emotional Intelligence
  14. Problem Solving Spirit
  15. Check Acronyms At The Door
  16. Sharing Decision-Making and Encouraging True Autonomy
  17. Management


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