3 Proven Ways To Keep Your Project Team Focused

33 Proven Ways to Keep Your Project Team Focused

Every business as well as their individual team are now preparing for the start of the new year, 2022. As you move into the new year, you should have already started organizing, and preparing everyone for the upcoming projects. However, before you can do this, you need to get everyone focused. It should be the goal of the project manager to set up everyone for success. Here are (3) three proven ways to get everyone focused.

Discuss Last Year’s Performance Reviews

A performance review is a review to look over the individual goals, what they have achieved, opportunities for improvement, and what is expected of them the next year. Going over last year’s performance review with each individual, at the start of the year, will help focus each individual on the new year and their new goals.

Project Management Support
Project Management Support

Provide Positive Reinforcement

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When working towards a large goal, it is easy for small wins to get lost in the mix. You want to keep the momentum going on your team right through to the beginning of the year. Stop! and make time to recognize when someone accomplishes a milestone. Watch for team members that are working well, and be sure to not only make a note of it to them but send the news up a level of management for visibility. Providing positive reinforcement is a powerful tool, and will help you keep team members motivated and engaged right through the end of the year.

Make Time to Check in on Your Team

Project managers have the responsibility of making sure goals are met. As a project manager, you want to make time to check in on your team regularly. Make sure all members of your team are dealing with stress or issues in appropriate ways.

Where to Learn More About Keeping Your Team Focused

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