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Preparation is the key to any successful project. At OYS, we use established project management processes to build customized project-based business solutions for our all our clients.
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The goal in project transformation is to eliminate project fragmentation, ambiguity, the lack of focus, and bring the project back on track to meet all agreed-upon goals and requirements.
Project Management Education


When you are managing multiple tasks as a business owner or manager, adding new projects can feel daunting. Let us help you learn how to best manage tasks without the overwhelm.
Project Compliance Services


We can develop a customized compliance strategy and be your Single Point of Contact to ensure that all policies, procedures and work are adhered to throughout your multi-faceted project.

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Is to advance ambitious project goals through
project management.

Why Choose Us?

  • Complete projects within scope, under budget and ahead of schedule.
  • Bridges the gap between project inefficiencies and solutions.
  • Build the right plan for the right goal.
  • Implement the right project strategy.
  • Maximize business resources and integrate technology.
  • Orchestrate the proper support and direction for project success.
  • Provide prompt follow-through on outstanding project issues.
  • Eliminate obstacles through team engagement and active communication.
  • Continual project management training throughout the project.
  • Develop a proper project compliance and audit strategy.
OYS LLC Project Management


our clients

OYS LLC is a Phoenix Arizona based project management company. We appreciate the opportunity to work with our clients from all over the world. We are confident that we have the experience and expertise to provide project management solutions that add value to our clients’ business and that drive operational excellence.

OYS LLC serves the following clientele:


Small To Mid Size Business Project Management

Government Sector, Construction & Transportation

Construction Project Management

High Profile Corporations

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Vikram Kappor
Vikram Kappor
Transition and Solution Leader

Cerila is a very thoughtful leader. She can do multitasking quite easily. She manages to maintain healthy relationships with clients and is foresighted in planning and delivery. She works very hard and ensures her presence is worldwide, in time zones across the globe. She is also a good team player, supporting her fellow team members as and when required. Her forte is her calm and cool temperament in adverse circumstances.

Nicole Marlette
Nicole Marlette
Human Resource Manager

I worked on a management team with Cerila at a manufacturing organization and on several project-based assignments. Some of her strengths include effective communication, competency in all aspects of Project Management, and composure in a variety of business settings. She is very strong in building teams and implementing business process best practices. I highly recommend Cerila as a consultant and would not hesitate to hire her firm or work on a team with her again.

Frances Goldblum
First American Financial Corporation
Senior Account

I had the pleasure of working with Cerila for eight years. She is an organized, thoughtful, motivated, hard working Project Manager. She works well with all levels and regions in our company, drives projects to completion within budget constraints and on time. She is an excellent communicator, professionally addresses conflict head-on and always ensures the end product is met to the customer’s satisfaction.

Marc Anderson
Novitex Enterprise Solutions
Project Lead

For over three years, Cerila and I worked on various projects for our major client. During that time she showed complete professionalism. She was very hands on in making sure our project ran smooth and was complete on time.  Cerila it was a pleasure to work with you. I know you will be a valuable asset to any organization that is fortunate enough to acquire your services.

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